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Author Topic: Chase  (Read 765 times)


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« on: 25. August 2017, 23:30:10 »

I thought of making some chase rules. Tell me what you guys think.

One aspect of adventuring which is often overlooked by many RPGs is the chase; one or more individuals trying to run away from one or more pursuers. When a chase is initiated, a part is the pursuer(s) and the other party is the pursued.
Instead of moving along on a map, each participant will gain a number of points each round equal to half their MR, rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.  If no obstacles are present which requires a check (Climb, Swim, Jump, etc.) this round, a participant can take a Run action this round. Obstacles could be determined in advance in a scenario or randomly by the GM. Failure on a check to overcome an obstacle means no points are gained this round.
The pursued start with bonus point equal to half the distance in meters (rounded up or down as appropriate) they were away from the pursuers when the chase was initiated. Each round of pursuit, each participant is allowed a free action; either a MOB+AG check in order to gain 1 more point this round (and fall prone if failed, which will require 1 action next round to get up), or a MOB+AU+Rascal compared to the opponents’ MND+IN+Education to make the pursuer lose 1 point this round.
At the end of each round of pursuit, compare each participant’s totals. If at least one pursuer’s total equals that of the pursued, they mange to catch up. At this point, the pursued could surrender, or the situation could devolve into combat. If the pursued manages to gain a number of points which is 3 or 4 times that of the pursuers, he manages to evade his pursuers. The total could be adjusted depending on the situation. For example, trying to lose your pursuer on a wide open plain might require 5 times your pursuers total, while trying to lose them in a maze of narrow and twisting alleyways might require only twice your pursuer’s total.


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Re: Chase
« Reply #1 on: 28. August 2017, 15:41:35 »

DS4 fans have made some rules about chasing.

I let you watch at it : http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2017/08/28/attrappe-moi/

It's in french.