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Author Topic: Rifle vs. Pistol vs. Musket  (Read 638 times)


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Rifle vs. Pistol vs. Musket
« on: 06. July 2017, 02:08:40 »

Is there a mistake in the firearms? Seems to me that a regular rifle is not as good as the pistol or the musket, and yet it's more costly.

The rifle has WB +3, OD -3 and costs 50 GP. Yes, it can be improved to have a repeater (8 ) for 80 GP, but we're talking the basic rifle here...

In comparison the pistol has WB +3, OD -4, and costs 20 GP while the musket has WB +4, OD -5 and costs 40 GP...

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Re: Rifle vs. Pistol vs. Musket
« Reply #1 on: 06. July 2017, 03:29:49 »

You're probably right that it's a mistake. It just might not be the one that you're guessing.

I looked back to the 3.5 Fireworks supplement. It looks like that they're copied straight over from that (the Long Rifle, the Flintrock Pistol, and the Musket). What looks left out is that the Long Rifle is supposed to have a Scope, doubling the distance before a penalty is applied. Since the Scope by itself costs 15gp, the rifle looks more reasonable.

Or it all could be a mess and I'm wrong.   8-)