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Author Topic: Setting up against a charge  (Read 276 times)


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Setting up against a charge
« on: 20. March 2017, 15:28:21 »

Here's another combat option I thought of: charge reception.

Setting up against a charge is a special type of the "Wait" action. It requires some sort of reach weapon with a pointy end (such polearms as a spear, a halberd, etc.). If an opponent charges the character, the character gets to interrupt his opponent, making his melee attack using his polearm against his charging opponent first, before the charging opponent gets to make his melee attack.

I was also thinking of granting the character who set up on a charge with a small bonus on this interrupt attack, maybe a +1 or +2 to his attack, to differentiate it even further from the normal Wait action. Perhaps even giving the charging opponent a penalty to his defense instead since he is pretty much willingly impaling himself on his opponent's weapon in order to charge him...

So what, do you guys think?