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[Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread

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Author Topic: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread  (Read 4301 times)


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[Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« on: 24. May 2014, 16:28:06 »

Please post the latest character sheets here.  Use Kalajel's template in the original character thread, please. This will help make a nice record of changes. This topic should be for character sheets only.


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Re: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« Reply #1 on: 24. May 2014, 16:43:29 »

Alright, I'll put my sheet, the party's loot and the template here...

Yodjezan Fain'rae
Race: Elf (+1 AG, DX, or AU, Quick [+2 INI], Night Vision, Immortal, Setting Options: +1 meter on all jumping distances, +3 Perception checks, immune to all types of diseases)
Gender: M
Culture: Wild Elves
Languages/Alphabets: Elven/Cuneiform Script, Freetongue
Class: Fighter (+1 ST or CO)
Level: 2
XP: 188 / 300

BOD: 8     MOB: 8     MND: 4
ST: 4        AG: 2        IN: 1
CO: 3       DX: 1        AU: 0

HP: 24    DEF: 16 (17 when using shield)     INI: 12-3 (9, 7 with crossbow)     MR: 5-1 (4)
MAT: 16 (OD-5)     RAT: 12     SPC: —     TSC:

Close Combat I (+1/rank MAT)
Endurance I (+3 HP/rank)
Injure I [Culture Bonus] (OD-1 against melee attacks/rank)

Simple Clothing
Flint and Tinder
Water Skin (5 liters)
3 x Healing Herbs (heals CTN 10 HP, no effect if 11+)
2 x Daily Rations (6 meals)
3 x Bandages (catching breath/natural healing +1)
Fishing Line and Hook
Weapon Paste (WB+1 for D20 rounds)
Two-Handed Sword (WB+3, INI-2, OD-4)
Leather Vambraces and Greaves (AV+1)
Metal Helmet (AV+1, INI-1)
Plate Armor (AV+3, MR-1)
Mace (WB+1, OD-1)
Short Bow with arrows (2h, WB+1, INI +1, -1 per 10m)
Heavy Crossbow with bolts (2h, WB+3, INI-4, OD -2, -1 per 10m)
Wooden Shield (used only when wielding mace or other one-handed weapons, AV+1, breaks on DEF fumble)
Battle Potion (+1 MAT and DEF for one fight)
2 Healing Potions (heals D20 HP)
109 GP
17 SP
16 CP

Levelling Up Information:
Level 2: +1 CO, Endurance I.

Hunter, warrior, survivor. As far as he can remember, Yodjezan has been fighting to survive which quickly honed his combat abilities. In combat he is vicious, ruthless, and merciless. Yodjezan has only one motto; If it truly has to be him against the world, then the world will lose...

"Party Loot"

2 Daily Rations (6 meals, Value: 5 SP each)
9 torches (burns 2h, WB+1, Value: 1 CP each)
gaudy marble
Lantern (Value: 5 GP)
Fresh Provisions (2 days worth of rations)
Chest (Solid Lock, LV: 4) (containts 77 GP and gold chain with crescent moon pendant [holy symbol of Baarn])
Scroll of Cloud of Remorse (H1, W6, S-, Value: 10 GP)
Scroll of Teleport (H20, W10, S10, Value: 920 GP)
Plate Armor (AV3, MR-1, Value: 50 GP)
Plate Greaves (AV1, MR-0.5, Value: 8 GP)
Plate Vambraces (AV1, MR-0.5, Value: 7 GP)
Metal Helmet (AV1, INI-1, Value: 6 GP)
Longsword (WB2, Value: 6 GP)

And the template;
Code: [Select]
[size=18pt][b]Character's Name[/b][/size]
[b]Race:[/b] Race
[b]Gender:[/b] Gender
[b]Culture:[/b] Culture/Region
[b]Languages/Alphabets:[/b] Languages/Alphabets
[b]Class:[/b] Base Class/Hero Class
[b]Level:[/b] 0
[b]XP:[/b] 0
[b]BOD:[/b] 0     [b]MOB:[/b] 0     [b]MND:[/b] 0
ST: 0        AG: 0       IN: 0
CO: 0       DX: 0        AU: 0
[b]HP:[/b] 0     [b]DEF:[/b] 0     [b]INI:[/b] 0     [b]MR:[/b] 0
[b]MAT:[/b] 0     [b]RAT:[/b] 0     [b]SPC:[/b] 0     [b]TSC:[/b] 0
List Talents here
List equipment here.
Alternately, a "Spells" section could be inserted between Talents and Equipment (or somewhere else), do not forget the [hr] tags to cleanly separate the sections...
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Re: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« Reply #2 on: 24. May 2014, 17:35:58 »

Race: Elf (AG, DX or AU +1, Night Vision, Immortal, Sure Shot(+1 RAT, TSC)
Gender: Female
Culture: Ash Elf
Languages/Alphabets: Elven/Cuneiform Script, Freetongue
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 1
XP: 50

BOD: 4     MOB: 8     MND: 8
ST: 0        AG: 0       IN: 2
CO: 2       DX: 3        AU: 3+1

HP: 16     DEF: 6     INI: 8     MR: 5
MAT: 5     RAT: 14     SPC: 12   TSC: 14

Marksman I [Culture] (+1/rank to RAT and TSC)
Fire Magic I (+1/rank to fire spells)

Fire Beam (SM +1 / Instant / 10 Meters / CD 0) Shoots a jet of fire at enemy, check result is the DMG.

Simple Clothing
Flint and Tinder
Water Skin
Healing Herbs (2) CTN 10 on 11+ no healing
Daily Ration (3) 9 meals left
Baarnomicon (If a sorcerer reads it, gains +2 SM to all spells.)
Runic Robe (AU+1)
Quarterstaff (2H, 1WB, TSC+1)

GP: 0 SP: 2 CP: 5

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Re: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« Reply #3 on: 26. May 2014, 09:02:54 »

Fruben Sturdyshield
Race: Human (extra TP) + 1 Trait
Gender: Male
Class: Healer/Cleric (+1 IN or AU)
Culture: Wyndlander
Level:XP: 594

BOD: 8     MOB: 4     MND: 8
ST: 3        AG: 0       IN: 2
CO: 3       DX: 0        AU: 4

HP: 21/21     DEF: 11+2     INI: 4-1     MR: 3
MAT: 11+3 OD -1     RAT: 4     SPC: 12+4     TSC: 8

Armored Mage (I): Ignores 2 AV penalty for SPC and TSC
Caregiver (III): +3 to all healing and protective spells
Swimming (I): Can swim, +3 to all swimming checks

Healing Touch: (SM +1/ Instant/Touch/CD 0) The willing target is instantly healed for as many HP as the check result.
Enchant Weapon: (SM +0/ Instant/Touch/CD 1 round/ Duration IN minutes) the WB of a weapon is +1 and does magical damage.
Sleep: (SM -BOD+IN/2 / Instant/Radius of INx2 meters/CD 10 rounds) Puts a number of targets to sleep (max=caster level).
Blessing: (SM +0/IN hours/Self/CD 24h) The mage and up to INx2 party members in a radius of IN x 2 meters receive a +1 to all checks.

Magic Flail "GreenBane" (WB +3/WB +4 against goblinoids, OD -1/OD -2 against goblinoids, INI -1)

Wooden Shield (AV +1, Breaks on DEF fumble)
Leather Vambrace and Greaves (AV +1)

Simple Clothing
Flint and Tinder
Water Skin (5 liters)
2 x Healing Herbs (heals CNT 10 HP, no effect if 11+)
Club (Replacement)
Fishing Line and  Hook
Rope (10m)
Shoulder Bag
Wooden Cuttlery
Leather Cup
3 x Daily Rations
43 GP (After selling the loot on westing and deducting the price of the scrolls)
Scroll of Cloud of Remorse
Scroll of Teleport

Fruben is a mundane cleric that doesn't spend his time in teologies.

What he cares for is that the weak is protected, the hungry is fed and the evil ones are defeated.

He doesn't care about "menial" things as a minor thievery or a little bit of violence against the
ocassional bringand prisoner by some fellows from his adventurer group as long as the "real" evil
is defeated.

When adventure time is over he enjoys a good meal and a good beer at the tavern (he's got quite an apetite).

Leveling Info

Level 2
+1 AU = 2PP
+I Caregiver = 1TP
Learned Sleep
Level 3
+1 IN = 2PP
+I Caregiver = 1TP
Learned Enchant Weapon and Blessing.
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Re: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« Reply #4 on: 26. May 2014, 15:17:04 »

Dismas Pandareus
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Scout
Culture: Freelander
Level: 3    XP: 594

BOD: 5     MOB: 8     MND: 7
ST: 0        AG: 2       IN: 3
CO: 1       DX: 6        AU: 0

HP: 16     DEF: 9     INI: 10     MR: 5
MAT: 5     RAT: 14     SPC: -     TSC: -

- Dodge I: ignore 1 attack x rank x fight. Useless against attackers 2+ size categories larger
- Education I: common knowledge and solving puzzle rolls +2 x rank
- Stealth I: stealth rolls +2 x rank
- Thievery II: thievery or detect and disarm traps rolls +2 x rank

- Short bow: WB+1, initiative +1
- 2x Throwing knife: WB+0, RAT-2/2m
- Crested Grovenford dagger (hidden) +1: WB+1, OD-1, initiative +1

- His lucky pendant.
- Elven leather armor (beautifully crafted) +1: AV +2
- Leather vambrace and graves: AV +1

- healing potion x1
- steel, flint and tinder
- compass on a chain (given to him by Pete, a Lord Grovenford's servant)
- blanket, black
- water skin (5 l)
- backpack, black
- healing herbs x5
- bandages x6,
- torches (10h) x6
- candle, tallow x7
- daily Rations (3 meals each) x3
- wooden die (6 sided) x1

- Key to the shrine in Grovenford Castle
- Key to Grovenford Castle upper floor secure room (with G on handle)

GP: 205   SP: 3   CP: 1

Dismas is the kind of person who does what he does, stealing of course, just because it's fun, exciting, or challenging, whether or not it is profitable.
He'll never refuse a challenge, and this has put him in trouble more than once in the past.
His favourite loot is ancient, possibly mysterious and preferably shining. His motto is "All that glisters is gold, if it's anough old.". Yes, he's 22 years old and he already has a motto.
Dismas has a little charm, a pendant, representing his first "real" loot. Not that he stole that much in his life. Of course he always wears it.
He also always brings a die with him, because sometimes letting the fate decide it's better than an uncertain indecision, he believes, and six sides are better than a coin's only two.
Until now he did almost only little robberies, and he knows he's not that good either, but he also knows his dreams of glory are only as far as a handful of steps in the shadows...

Leveling chronology

Level 1
BOD: 5     MOB: 8     MND: 7
ST: 0        AG: 2       IN: 3
CO: 1       DX: 4        AU: 0
Starting talents: Education I (culture talent), Stealth I, Thievery I

Level 2: +2 PP, +1 TP
DX +1  (-2 PP)
Dodge +I  (-1 TP)

Level 3: +2 PP, +1 TP
DX +1  (-2 PP)
Thievery +I (-1 TP)
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Dismas Pandareus

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Re: [Shadows Under Westing] - Character Thread
« Reply #5 on: 28. May 2014, 14:09:13 »

Dag "Rabbit" Nabbit
Race: Human (+1 any one trait, 1 free talent)
Gender: M
Class: Scout (+1 AG or DX)
Level: 3     Experience: 406
BOD: 6     MOB: 8     MND: 6
ST: 2        AG: 2        IN: 0
CO: 3       DX: 5       AU: 0
HP: 19 (current: 19)     DEF: 13 (9+1 +2 +1)    INI: 10 (10+1 -1)    MR: 5.5 (5+1-0.5)
MAT: 8     RAT: 17(13+2WB (+2 Marksman II))     SPC: —     TSC: —
Hunter I (+1/rank tracking, hunting, finding way; find one meal/rank/day)
Swift I (+1 meter movement/rank)
Swim I (can swim and +3/rank on swimming checks)
Level 2:  Marksman I (+1/rank Ranged Attack)
Level 3:  Marksman II (+1/rank Ranged Attack

Simple Clothing
Flint and Tinder
Water Skin (5 liters)
2 x Healing Herbs (heals CTN 10 HP, no effect if 11+)
Long Bow (+2WB; +1 Init)
Sling (0WB; -1/2m)
Dagger (0WB; +1 Init)
Chainmail Armor (+2AV; -0.5MR)
Helmet (+1AV; -1 Init)
Leather Vambrace and Greaves (-1AV)

Rations: 5
Pipe and herbs (11 bowls)
Rope (10m)
Torches (2h) x6
Fishing Line and Hook

Wire (2m)
Belt Buckle
Wax Chunk
Bent peice of wire (x3)

59gp 1sp 0cp

"Rabbit" is a young 15-year-old kid.  His father ran off on his mother while she was pregnant and she moved off to the woods, gave birth to him alone in a cabin, and raised him by herself.  She taught him how to find edible foods and resources, and as he became older he would hunt meat and collect pelts and trade them at general stores for supplies used by him and his mother that couldn't be acquired in the wild.

Level 3:
+1 Dexterity
Marksman II
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