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What if INI was a CTN?

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Author Topic: What if INI was a CTN?  (Read 94 times)


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What if INI was a CTN?
« on: 29. May 2019, 17:24:40 »

I toyed with this idea in order to make combat more dynamic. What if INI was a CTN you had to roll under at the start of combat?

Your result would be your INI for the fight, with Coups potentially allowing for very high INI depending on whether or not you're using the Slaying Dice option. If not using the Slaying Dice option, a Coup could potentially give you an INI of 20 instead or be assured to act first?

A failure could give you an INI of 1 or 0 this round. Perhaps allowing you to have another go at rolling your INI next round and hope of having a better result?

A Fumble would mean you'd skip the first round of combat and then be stuck an an INI of 1 or 0 for the rest of the fight.

So, what do you guys think?