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Dungeon2Go #2: The Tomb of the Witchking

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Author Topic: Dungeon2Go #2: The Tomb of the Witchking  (Read 1078 times)


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Dungeon2Go #2: The Tomb of the Witchking
« on: 19. December 2009, 01:00:17 »

In the second Dungeon-2-Go, the fearless heroes will descend into the tomb of an old Witch King, where treacherous traps and deadly dangers await.
This 1-page adventure can comfortably be played in one session, but the characters should  have reached at least 4th level if they are to be more than cannon fodder.

So whet your blades, string up your bows and ready your spells - the tomb of the Witch King awaits you...
Have fun down there!

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