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 on: 29. May 2019, 17:46:18 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Kalajel
I think I've found another possible solution.

Remember when I said some talents could be taken up to rank X? I've had a look at them, and I'm seriously considering lowering them to rank V. I mean, do we really need a +20 on some checks? Will you really need to change your spells 10 times? How much would a game slow down if the druid walked around 10 animals or the necromancer with 30 extra undead?

Perhaps those ranks X were too high for no good reason after all...

Edit: I just thought of something else. If all those bonuses/abilities are indeed necessary, the limit of those talents could still be reduced to 5, with the effect somewhat increased. This might make those talents, especially the non-combat ones, a more tempting choice for players...

 on: 29. May 2019, 17:24:40 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Kalajel
I toyed with this idea in order to make combat more dynamic. What if INI was a CTN you had to roll under at the start of combat?

Your result would be your INI for the fight, with Coups potentially allowing for very high INI depending on whether or not you're using the Slaying Dice option. If not using the Slaying Dice option, a Coup could potentially give you an INI of 20 instead or be assured to act first?

A failure could give you an INI of 1 or 0 this round. Perhaps allowing you to have another go at rolling your INI next round and hope of having a better result?

A Fumble would mean you'd skip the first round of combat and then be stuck an an INI of 1 or 0 for the rest of the fight.

So, what do you guys think?

 on: 24. May 2019, 14:29:17 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Kame the Bard
I think it'd only be fair to take each individually. If you take a wide swing at a big guy and a little guy, you might connect with the big guy easily while the little one can dance out of the way.
It's more math but it's fair.

 on: 20. May 2019, 16:00:46 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Kalajel
Sweeping blow allows you to attack 2 or more adjacent targets with a single attack roll, but what happens when those opponents are of different size categories with different modifiers to hit them?

Do you make a single attack roll, but then modify it accordingly for each creature using their size modifiers?

Do you make a single roll using the worst modifier?

Do you make an average of all the modifiers?

 on: 13. April 2019, 14:26:46 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Kalajel
The whole healing thing sounds good. Kind of reminds me of some older games where character could only get healed 1 per day (or each method of healing could only be used once per day), so this could work.

I don't really agree with forcing players to alternate between combat and non-combat talents each level though for a couple of reasons.

1) It's not all of the combat talents which causes problems. For example, Close Combat or Marksman which just increase some Combat Values by 1 per rank are not really unbalancing and those are not the talents I have gripes against.

2) Some hero classes allow one to take some specific combat talents up to 10 times. Under the combat/non-combat alternation rule, this would take choice away from those hero classes (which is why most people select hero classes in the first place...).

I'm not looking for a rule that forces player to choose non-combat talents, I'm looking for one which would suggest the players take a few non-combat talents every once in a while so as to avoid making one-dimensional combat machines...

Having a whole party maxing their Dodge in order to "Neo" their way out of every fight is not fun...

 on: 03. April 2019, 19:23:18 
Started by Kalajel - Last post by Jnov36
There is a couple of quick easy fixes for a lot of that.  When ever you are hit for damage, Mark it down per hit.  Each hit can only be healed once per day.  You will have some healing but not total healing every time.
For talents go every other.  Combat talent, non combat talent.  I haven't done it but it wouldn't take long at all to decide them.
Those two things can balance the game and add a whole new level of role playing not just monster bashing.

 on: 28. February 2019, 02:35:48 
Started by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov - Last post by Kalajel
Magicworks is here.

 on: 26. February 2019, 09:45:19 
Started by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov - Last post by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov
Use this Google Search criteria and you'll find something including the bookmarked core rulebook and other supplements:

 on: 25. February 2019, 20:18:19 
Started by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov - Last post by Kame the Bard
Yup, it's gone. And it looks like CK has little interest in bringing it back. Or letting us know here. He did expel the spammer not too long ago though.
The german forums is still relatively active.

While I was searching for a decent hosting site, I discovered that the PDFs for the D2Go's are still there.

The ones remade for DS4:

The ones for DS3.5:

I can't seem to find the core rulebook, the MagicWorks book, or anything else interesting. I'll have to keep searching later. Maybe the Internet Archive...   :-
It's interesting that they're still being hosted though.

 on: 25. February 2019, 03:01:15 
Started by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov - Last post by fyodoroprichnikbasmanov
I don't know what happened.

I was thinking I would introduce my co-workers to tabletop rpg genre with Dungeon Slayers 4th Ed.

Now I can't find the English translations of D2GO's anywhere. I also need corresponding player maps -it there's any.

Anyone knows where the adventures are stored? It would be lovely to gather DS 4th. Ed. adventures in a GDrive or any similar cloud service.

If you know such an archive, please provide a link.

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