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Autor Thema: dual wield item with spells  (Gelesen 24078 mal)


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dual wield item with spells
« am: 30. Januar 2016, 07:10:26 »

So, one of our players got to thinking about dual-wield and spells tonight.

1) If a fighter has dual wield (though dual wield isn't actually necessary - it just changes the -10 to attack modifier) and is carrying two swords that both have spells in them, can he cast spells from both in the same round?

I see where he's coming from.  I found in the book (page 93, Spell from Items) that spells from items take one full action to release which is in line with what we were thinking but didn't know if dual wield would make a difference.  The same could be asked about mages that might have the dual wield talent (as granted through an item that has the talent embedded).

I'm guessing this will be a no.

2) To extend the question, can a fighter with dual wield cast a spell from an item with one attack and then make a melee attack with their other?

Again, likely no because of the same reason.  But, we thought we'd ask.


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Antw:dual wield item with spells
« Antwort #1 am: 31. Januar 2016, 09:07:25 »

In my opinion, what I'll if I have this case, if you want to cast a spell with a weapon, it takes a full action so you can't use your other weapon (or the same) on this round.

By extension, with 2 weapons, if you want to cast a spell with one, you can't attack with the other weapon.

But, perhaps you can have a new talent to create "cast and attack" to give the possibility to cast a spell with a weapon and attack with the others without penalties (otherwise -10, and the talent gives you +2 by rank)