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Priest archer
« am: 28. Mai 2016, 15:25:00 »


How would you build a character with the archer/priest profile?

You know, in Pathfinder, the "good standard" of a priest, easy to play, is the archer/priest, that he is good at range attacks, and have spells to buff companions. The heals are made after battles.

Additionnaly, in Dungeonslayers, you are not limited to the number of cure spells, so you can heal between battles without throwing dices, that is a good advantage. So you can focus on attacks and buff spells.

Has someone already done this thing?

There are two ways I think. A pure priest, only the mage option, with Wechsler, Ausweichen, or other skills. At level 4, you take Zaubermacht, and after level 8 you take archery skills, Shütze (that is good for magic range attacks too), and SharfShütze at level 12.

Or you can build a biclassed character, scout/priest. And you focus first on the scout class with archery skills, Schütze at level 1, Fieser Schüss at level 4 and Zaubermacht after (you are now at level 8 meaning Scout 4 / Mage 4).

On the attributes, that means you must make choices. You need to have a good GEI and AGI, but you can't ignore KÖR. I think a 6/6/8 is good, perhaps 5/7/8. But 4/8/8 is hard. No? Because that means you are delicate. But you are very good at range and spells.

And you need to put the 8 points of talents in HÄ (4) and  GE (4). Human race or elfic race is a good choice for that.

And spells?

What do you think about that?

How yould you build and make progress till level 20 for a character like that?